Played Maddie, the bad daughter in the virtual production of Bad Daughter directed by Shelley Butler with Mary Testa &Frank Wood

Understudied Lena Hall in virtual production of Boys Don't Wear Lipstick


Was in reherasals for new off-Broadway show 

before the shutdown:

Recently appeared in the final seasons of Happy! and Ray Donovan.

Recently shot a national commercial.

Completed run of world premiere of Sunset Point by Arlene Hutton.  

"I won't reveal the gasp-inducing line that makes her decision, but Brill plays it off with a fascinating subtlety, and small changes in her tone and her eyes send seismic ripples through the theatre... her emotional truth -- her deep hurt and disillusionment -- rings clearly" - Plays to See

"Lindsay Brill has a refreshingly natural presence."
- Lighting and Sound America

"The feisty and spirited Lindsay Brill is an ideal romantic and philosophical foil to Bamman as the poet."-

"Brill and Bamman, in addition to being funny, make Rachel and Hanson's relationship detailed and lived-in"-

Thinking Theater NYC