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Most recently, Lindsay guest starred on the season finales of

Law and Order: SVU and Law and Order: Organized Crime. 

Hurricane Diane by Madeleine George, The Kitchen Theatre 

"Lindsay Brill plays Beth with a haunted, furtive air...A sparkling performance, marked by a wounded yet fey spirit." -Ithaca Stages

Sunset Point by Arlene Hutton, New Light Theatre


"I won't reveal the gasp-inducing line that makes her decision, but Brill plays it off with a fascinating subtlety, and small changes in her tone and her eyes send seismic ripples through the theatre...her emotional truth—her deep hurt and disillusionmentrings clearly" -Plays to See


"Lindsay Brill has a refreshingly natural presence." -Lighting and Sound America

"The feisty and spirited Lindsay Brill is an ideal romantic and philosophical foil to Bamman as the poet"

"Brill and Bamman, in addition to being funny, make Rachel and Hanson's relationship detailed and lived-in"-Thinking Theater NYC

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